Fan art

Fwa ha! I have actually received fan art! And here it is!


Pete's nightmare? by Lady Northern Mouse
The three "heroes" in kid form by Sandra
Isn't he shy? By Kurara
Schavos' game! By Seigneur Ruei (By the way, Schavos is Schala as a lavos.
Family picture By Chloé!
GoddessBy Chloé again!
A mix of character by Chloé. Can you guess who?
Pete by Marie-Blanche
The proof god doesn't exist. by Marie-Blanche
Kefka's ghost by Alex
Scorpio by M^2
Death by Teh Juankis
Chef Shadow by Dark Eclipse!
Valer with her jetpack by Fading Aura!
Scorpio's other way of showing Pete she's happy to see him. by Brock (Not safe for work)