The Volet

by Ti-Phil

The big book that gives you all the answer about the world while wearing a moogle on the head.

This section will give you all the information you may have wondered about the world in which the volet's story is in without having to play the games or seen the show from which I..borrowed the characters.

The world

The world in which the volet comes from is one that has been reduce to rubble by the War of Magi 1004 years ago and once more recently by a madman named Kefka who absorbed the powers of the goddesses of magic to turn this world into a monument to non existence. Luckily a group of heroes succeeded in defeating Kefka and now the world is slowly regaining his health.
Two years has past since then and the heroes are reuniting near Narshe, the mining coal town from which their previous adventured started to celebrate christmas, only they didn't know some strange events were about to happen...

The portals

In the last few months, mysterious swirling portal are appearing all over the surface of the globe. From it are falling strange people of different species and worlds. Each of them have their own tragic or idiotic tales but very few trust in them.
It seems that recently those people are being gathered by someone who calls herself the Mistress...

The galactic Empire

Before the fall of the Empire by the hands of the Rebel alliance, the Empire had to take care of a threat that no record in the Imperial library or the old Republic library holds... An alien race which caused the destruction of several world.
The emperor Palpatine, faced with this matter (and the fact he had to finally beat Whelk on his own on his SNES's version of Final Fantasy 3) has sent several ships to search for traces of this alien race. And by a struck of luck (and a probe droid) they found a trace of it on earth...


The following section will give some background information about the cast.

Terra Brandford

Age : 22
Status : Ungrateful character. Take that!

Terra Brandford was one of the heroes who fought against Kefka 2 years ago and since that event she changed, not physicly but rather psychologicly. Her mood is almost always angry or depressed and it seems that something she did banished her from Mobliz, a town where she used to watch over the orphans,
For some reasons she desire to revive magic and to achieve this she is willing to do anything.
One last thing about Terra, she is the most ancient character in the Volet with Mog, so she got some... if we may say, promotion over the other character which allows her to converse with the cartoonist.
Quote : "World end. How unoriginal mister writer."

Pete Lavoie

Age : 20
Status: Unlucky lad, imperial lieutenant.
Pete is, for some god only knows reason, the favorite of lord Vador (if you do not know who he is, see Star Wars). It seems that after some problem with Vador he was sent to lead the invasion force of earth. It was either that or man eating wookies. I think the choice is obvious.
Pete knowns nothing of the RPG worlds and rules, and this often leads him to question the ways of this world.
A last comment about Pete: He got a kid sister whom he hasn't seen since he entered into the academy.
Quote : "I would go faster if my head wasn't used as a mean of transportation!"

Age : His answer to this was : Kuptenth. Anyone got a moogle to human dictionnary?
Status : Moogle
Mog is also one of the heroes who defeated Kefka. Despite his..most unusual appearance, he is an able lancer and quite a good dancer (his dance can cause natural disaster some says). He was the first to meet Pete and since then he is his "mentor" in the ways of the world. But I'm sure he's only doing this so he can stand on Pete's head.
One last thing about Mog : His sister Kamog's boyfriend was the one who bullied him when he was young.
Quote : "I'm not some sort of teddy bear Kupopi!"


Age : Good question?
Status : French talking alien?
Scorpio is perhaps the weirdest member of our four heroes. She is somehow linked to the Alien race the imperials are looking for and she came throught one of the portals. Does it mean the people who comes from portals are alien too?
She has the ability to morph into her small scorpion form at will and she can gain language by eating someone's hair (but she doesn't like fruit scented shampoo). Also she seems to find moogles very cute.
Quote: "Too...cute...can't defend myself..."

Supporting cast

Valer Ooke
Status : Imperial officer
Lieutenant Valer, she is the true leader of the imperial force invasion. She is Lord Vador's ace in his sleeve in case Pete misses the target town (which happens). She's jealous of Pete for being Vador's favorite and it seems that she wants to kill him for this.
One last thing about Valer, she always has a wrist computer on her left arm, this way she can give orders from afar.
Quote : "Thank you planetary conqueror advantages! More meals for me!"

Age : I'd rather not ask.
Status : Ninja for hire.
One of the heroes who defeated Kefka, he still works for money but now he seems to value life a little more. He and his dog, interceptor, are unseparable.
He is currently working for someone he calls C.C.
Quote : "I knew I should have thrown egg on the windshield instead!"

Age : 17
Status : Wild boy
He's illeterate, he has green hair and he likes shiny shiny... and he also is one of the heroes who defeated Kefka! He is currently travelling with Katt and his behemoth Behem.
One last thing about Gau, he seems to be knowing a lot about the site of the ghost light.
Quote : "Take your time, we're reading comic here!"

Katt Rinpu Chuan
Age : 16
Status : Lovely worren (catgirl) fighter
She fell went throught a portal when a city in her world was attacked by some creature from the stars, she accompany Gau in his travel. Gau and her works for the mistress to find others who fell throught portals.
One last thing about Katt, she defeated DeathEvn in her world, a demon who said was born from a piece of the goddess Miria.
Quote : "Even with a gun he's pretty much harmless."

Mina windia
Age : 15
Status : Vengeful tree angel!
Mina Windia also fell throught a portal but her luck made her fall on Mog while on his way to the christmas party. This gave her a position as the angel in the christmas tree. Now, it wouldn't be so horrible for one hour, but the moogles forgot to remove her from the tree so now she wants revenge. She got free of it by a flying TIE fighter (fighter spaceship) who sept her off the tree into the distance.
Also Mina seems to have the ability to cast magic, this makes Terra want to find her because she believe that Mina can revive magic.
Quote : "Do I need to tie myself in a tree so you remember me?"

Chapter 2 : The mistress

As the story will unfold (or that I make it up), I shall update the information about each characters and add the new ones.

New groups

The otherworlders
These are the people being gathered by the mistress. They live in an old shell of a being known as a Lavos. There they try to find ways to return the people back to their original worlds.

The geniuses

On the island known as Solitary island lives C.C, Cid Chere, the ex-director and main scientist of the Magitek lab in the old Empire. He is still conducting some personnal research on his island with two otherworlders, Wilson Wilson and Lucca. Lately he paid Shadow a rather large sum so he can steal a flying ship from the galactic Empire.

The Lavoses
A Lavos is a parasital lifeform which lives in the planet, absorbing the inhabitant's DNA to evolve. That is the version of a Lavos that was taught to us in the game Chrono Trigger. But from Scorpio's point of view, a Lavos is actually a creature that acts like a butterfly and only wants to survive. What is the truth about them?
There is two parts for a Lavos : It's shell, which is usually spiky and extremly big, it has a really, really thick layer of bones, scales or whatever it's made of, so it's almost impossible to pierce.
Then there is the "owner" of the shell, the true being known as a Lavos. It is he which controls the whole habitact and whose evolution depends of it's survival.
A Lavos has an extraction process and when broken, it creates ghost light.

New main character

Kefka Palazzo's ghost
Age : Do we still calculate age for a ghost?
Status : Kefka the unfriendly ghost
Kefka, one of the old Empire's general who became mad after being the first Magitek Knight (a process throught which you are infused with the blood of a magical being named Esper) has tried to destroy the world. Of course he failed but, upon his death, his spirit hasn't had time to be summoned to the Other Side and...possessed Terra on the spot.
He's annoying, he likes to play pranks, he tries to listen to every conversation and would probably sell them just for the heck of it.
As a ghost he gained the ability to change his shape at will.
Quote : "Ghost tank, yeah!"

New supporting characters

Schala Zeal
Age : somewhere in the thousands
Status : The mistress
She once was the princess of Zeal capture by a Lavos, ancient owner of Terra's pendant and gatherer of otherworlder, she has lived throught the ages after some Lavos cells that was on the coffee cup she was holding evolved with her own, turning her into an half Lavos. She knows a lot about history but not the world since she was stuck in the Lavos shell for so long (if she is exposed to sunlight she starts burning.
A little fun fact : She loves to play monopoly.
Quote : "No, it's probably Gau who found the light switch again... it wouldn't be the first time."

Kain Highwind
Age : 25
Status : Leader of the Dragoons, Schala's bodyguard
Once the captain of the Dragoon, he was one of the first who joined the mistress in her attempt to find other otherworlders and to try to find a way home.
He is subscribed to "Dragoon babe monthly".
Quote : "No, I'm speaking of this girl in my magasine."

Slib the Slime
Age : Unknown
Status : One of the mistress servant.. and he's a slime hmm..I wonder if there is a chocolate center in him...hum..I mean, Slib is a slime one of the lowest monster there is in Dragon Warrior.
Slib looooves chocolate cake!
Quote : "Out of my way! Out of my way!!!"

Bass (Forte if you want his japanese name)
Age : I'd say 5 or 6 years old
Status : Really destructive robot
Bass, the second most brilliant creation of doctor Wily, is the arch-rival of megaman and he somehow ended up in our world. Perhaps it's due to a bug in his system? The once maniacal robot is now sloppy, hes afraid of the dark and actually resist when someone wants him to blast someone.
He is also a small time delinquant by writting "Bass was here" in the toilet.
Quote : "Let go of my blaster Charles!"

Charles Montgomery Burn
Age : 104
Status : I'm not sure..something having to do with a mop
Mr. Burns need no introduction, he is the owner of Springfield Nuclear power plant, millionnaire and Homer Simpson's boss. But for some reason he was sent throught one of the portals.
He tried to do a cake for christmas.. it wasn't a big success.
Quote : "My floor!"

Homer Simpson
Age : 42
Status : Come on! If you don't know him, where have you lived? In a cavern on mars?
Homer is the last person the mistress gathered, having felt a great magic potential in him, but perhaps it's all a big misunderstanding? He is rude, he likes beer and pizza.
He coinstently burns his cereals.
Quote : "Oooh! shiny! Does it make beer?"

Fortune telling 8-ball
Age : Come on! It's an object!
Status : Imperial adviser.
The 8-ball was a gift from Lord Vador to lieutenant Valer for her mission, it seems every officer receives one of those. Its main goal is to help when one doesn't know what to do.
The 8-ball seems to have some unusual habits thought, like beauty sleep and omniscience.
Quote : "Shut the light. I need my beauty rest."

Age : I'd say 16 or so
Status : Imperial engeneer kidnapped by shadow
Isa was found by Shadow when he was trying to steal one of the TIEs and she was kidnapped because she knew how to fly one of them things. She accepted to work for C.C in exchange for his help to find someone.
She's listening to Sephiroth's battle song when Shadow first sees her.
Quote : "Flying...yes,"

Cid Chere
Age : 40s, 50s maybe?
Status : Retired ex-magitek director
Cid Chere was once known as the greatest genius of our times when he invented the magitek infusion process which allows a human to cast magic by using the blood of an Esper. After the unbalancement of magic which turned the world into its current shaped, he lives on a small island named "Solitary Island" calmly and continues his own research.

Wilson Wilson
Age : Somewhere around 50
Status : The all knowing guy.
If there is one thing to say about Wilson.... is that he's never ever EVER going to show his whole face at one time. He ALWAYS have something blocking his lower half of his visage. He also seems to have a way with words which is unique to him and finally he's a genius, he seems to know everything.
He is "borrowed" from Home Improvement, so, if anyone knows this show, be sure to look for him!
Quote : "Hideho good ninja and young lass!"

Age : 21
Status : Mechanical genius
One of the people who defeated Lavos, she is the, slightly egocentric, mechanical genius Lucca. After the defeat of the parasite, she continued her life until one day she found a young girl with Terra's pendant on. After taking her and raising her in an orphanage, she dissapeared in an incident implicating a being known as Lynx.
Quote : None yet

Update on the characters

Terra Brandford
We learned in this chapter that Terra was possessed by Kefka's ghost and that she is trying to be depossessed. As seen in the flashback, her pendant can store the ghost for a while. This will lead to some complication with Schala.

Pete Lavois
Nothing much new about him except that we see that he hates killing... anyway he can barely do damages on a boss..I mean.. 0.5 damage, is that even possible??? He also got hold of the book you are currently reading which will give him some information about the world. He also found out that Scorpio had been living in his hairs for the last three days.

He seems to have taken a liking in riding on someone's head.. namely Pete's.

Our little Scorpio's origin are a little clearer. She came from the future to stop her kin to be exterminated, then, we learn that she is a Lavos too. What could happen to make the Lavoses dissapear? Good question. She also sometime seems...evil...

Our dear ninja is working for C.C who is actually Cid Chere.

Mina Windia
She trained for four days with some lad who is an expert swordsman and now want her revenge on the ones who put her in the christmas tree...the moogles!

Chapter 3 : The new saviors

Ah! Yet another chapter over and so many juicy pieces of information was given, here's some of them for you who missed it!

New supporting characters

LVS82, LVS 89 and LVS 100
Age : Unknown
Status : Lavoses elders known as the triarch
Those three are the only original lavoses left alive. What was their original purpose in life? Only them knows. Anyway what purpose could a Lavos have?
Quotes : None so far

Age : Kuptenth and one
Status : She is one of the guard of the Arris dome, an old human place they found ehile digging. She also knew Mog from Pierre Koucher's moogle classes when both were kids.
She seems to have some hatred toward humans.
Quote : No, all humans treats us like kids...

Age : 37
Status : Ambassador
Togi is the ambassador hailing from the Underworld. In the last two years the dwarves tried to reach the surface again and after a friendly first contact with the people of Figaro, they sent Togi to start diplomatic relation. He's accompanied by Gnome, the elemental spirit.
He's a little naive about the ways the surface dwellers acts.
Quotes : Hey... did anyone ever came out of the baths?

Age : I'm not sure...
Status : Elemental spirit
Gnome of one of the eight Mana elementals that used to protect the Mana seeds and the Mana tree in ancient times. Now he and Togi are sent as ambassador.
It seems he really likes the "creator" of Lali-ho.
Quote : Maybe a lava bath is not the best way to cleanse one's soul...

Updates one characters

Terra Brandford
She finally was able to regain her Esper form by asking assistance from Mina Windia. Also she forgot her pendant at Schala's Lavos shell. It seems her and Cid are working on a way to purge Kefka's influence off her and it implies giving some of her blood in Esper form...
Also in the last episode of the chapter we see her casting sleep, but with the lack of Mana the spell over expended itself to get the sufficient amount of mana for the full effect and now the surface is sleeping

Pete Lavoie
We learned that he knows some computer stuff (well, he is from a civilisation with computers) and was able to repair the Arris Dome's main computer, but he also secretly communicated with Lord Vador and asked him a favor in exchange for his informations on the Lavoses.
Is he really going to help to save the planet or is he just trying to get out alive?

Mog guided Pete to the Arris dome where he met Kimi, one of his childhood friend. It seems that Kupek was his tormentor in his youth.

More information on our little Lavos... her present self (since she comes from the future) is currently sleeping under Narshe and unless someone or something stop the imperials from drilling a hole to her, she will wake up and destroy the city and the imperial base which might reduce the chances to change the future.
Also in the last three episodes she is confronted with Lucca, one of the person who fought LVS 157... her child?!?
Wait? Then what would be her number? Or just how old is she? And what's that comment about her not having produced enough mana for a spell yet? Stay tune to get more info!

Kefka's ghost
Ah yes! Our little spook have been having lots of fun annoying everyone this chapter. But what's that? He can't possess Terra anymore? And what's more? Part of his old self is stuck in her? Nonetheless he still have his fun as he lock Lucca with Scorpio in the same room....

Valer Ooke
Her troops invaded Nikeah and she overheard by the radio the conversation between Pete and Vador. Also she learned that an alien life sign was detected under their base. But as she was flying back she fell asleep because of Terra's sleep spell.
Mina Windia
She sent the moogles to court but they were found not guilty because she didn't gave any bagels to the jurors. Later she gave some magic to Terra using a way her sister showed her...

Well well, it seems that this girl is a sibling of the person she's looking for. Does she look familiar to any of you?

Cid Chere
With Lucca, Wilson Wilson and Isa, he went to ask the king of Figaro for the tools needed to make a special project in which Terra is a part of it. He also helped Terra with Kefka's ghost.

The mechanical genius should have been less loudmouth with Kefka because by saying that she had slayed a Lavos in the past, she set forth the next events which led to a world wide sleep spell.

Chapter 4 : Out of the caves

Lot happened this chapter so here's the latest scoops!

New supporting characters

Age : Unknown
Status : Esper
He's Terra's father! He's dead, but he's still in the Esper's explained why Espers are still there.
Quote : I guess I'm a little dead....

Age : Unknown
Status : Godess
She's one of the three goddess of magic. Her and her two sisters were the ones who caused the great war of magic most than a millenia ago. She's the one who rules the underground world where the Esper cave and the dwarvish domains is located.
She's also one of The Goddesses' magic and religion show.
Quote : I can't believe we lasted longer than RPGtv!

Onun Dreth
Age : 22
Status : Project Destiny/br> Also known as project Destiny, he's the one controlling the 8-ball and giving Valer advices. He also was in the same research center as Pete in his childhood. Also Pete, Valer and him were friends at the academy.
He as the ability to read people's mind.

Setzer Gabbianni
Age : 31
Status : Wandering gambler
The renowned possessor of the world's only airship (and also a notorious gambler and drinker), he was forced to fly Kefka and Scorpio to Narshe. Afterward he was taken prisonners by the imperials. Has lady luck forsaken him?
Quote : Let's land this craft and find a doctor to separate us before someone think I lost a bet!

Age : Unknown
Status : Elemental spirit
He's the mana elemental of darkness who was summoned by the cartoonist to lead Terra to the tower of Bab-Il which leads back to the overground. He left Terra to continue to protect his crystal (one of the eight crystals that were the path to the moon in the crystal wars).
Quote : If Salamando we live... If Undine or Jinn we die...

Age : Unknown
Status : Elemental fiend of fire
The elemental of fire was corrupted by one of the great evils a long time ago and was on slowly returning to the light when Terra removed what was binding him in a fight. His current shape shows his previous forms : Rubicante and Kary.
He was defeated when Valer fell on him.
Quote : I AM FREEEE!!!

Update on the characters

Terra Brandford
After casting her sleep spell in her esper form, the mana within her returned to the underworld... and since she was in Esper form her soul was taken too! Despite the fact that she's now a pink esper ghost, she still tries to stop the drill and return to the surface.

Pete Lavoie
Would you look at that? Pete got a new weapon : the one and only MASAMUNE! Yes, the Zealan weapon which contain two spirit : Masa and Mune. The weapon takes the shape best suited for it's wielder, in Pete's case, it was a gun. Also he was the one who drove the drill but he stopped when he recognised Terra.
Also he knew all along about project Destiny.

He seems to have played a rather passive role this time, mostly as the kind advisor (and in now one the scared moogle who used Pete as a meat shield).

Our little Lavos seems to not be a morning person, and, after accidently eating the king's hair for breakfast, she decided to leave for Narshe with Kefka to be sure the drill will be stopped.
She actually backstabbed Kefka on the airship! (How do you backstab a ghost...continue to read!)

Kefka Palazzo
Our unfriendly ghost actually succeeded in taking over Terra's body (without a soul it was only an empty shell) and, being "alive" again he actually felt the effect of Scorpio's poison when her dart hitted his back (or do I say her since he's in a girl's body?).

Valer Ooke
After falling asleep because of Terra's spell she was actually saved... by Pete! But once she returned in Narshe, she took back the control of the troops and she was the one who defeated falling on him...but she did gain a level while doing so!

Chapter 5 : A few days later

New supporting cast!
Evil plotting guy
Age : Unknown
Status : Evil guy?
This...person... seems to be plotting Lord Vador, Pete and Terra's death for some reason. He seems to come from Valen too and was meant to become a jedi. Alas when the Lavos rose from the ground, it caused him permanent harms that made him get mechanical implants. He's Vivianne's real boss.
Quote: Run! Run! Must Run!

Update on the characters

Terra Brandford
She regained her body when Kefka's ghost left it, but after hearing from Scorpio that to allow the current timeline to go on without any troubles, she had to go in Pete's past and protect him in the days of Lavos...
She did do so...but she realised that she had to fight the beast so that Pete would be safe. She died doing so.

Pete Lavoie

Ah Pete! Lucky Pete! He found out he had a sister...but he didn't remember it. And his whole reason to be on this planet and to find information on the Lavos was so that Lord Vador would unlock his memory.
But when his memory was unlocked he went into a state of shock which rendered him into a drooling vegetable.

Kefka Palazzo

It seems our ghost may have a heart left. When Pete got into a shock he tried to possess Pete because it reminded him of how he lost his own mind in the past.

Lord Vador

He was the victim of an attack by Salamando. It seems someone want his life.


She tried to sneak into the imperial complex to absorb some of Vador's DNA after seeing his abilities. But she got caught in the battle between the Sith and Salamando and was afterward capture.
Salamando called her the great mother because she gave birth to the great Evil.


He was hired by Scorpio to help her infiltration. He was also arrested.


He and Scorpio planned to infiltrate the imperials but alas they were emprisonned.


She went with Mog to the know.... she's a prisonner.


The Elemental was released from his emprisonnement by a claustophobic woman whose master promised to free the great evil if he killed Vador. He had slain the troopers with him but Scorpio and her group arrived in the battle. He was emprisonned again.


The elemental of darkness was summonned by Terra to fight the Lavos on Valen..... his fate is tied to hers.


One of the three triarch. He nested on Valen for eons and his presence was detected by the Valenian scientist.
The test they did awakened him but he was stopped by the Valenian scientists. Because of young Pete's youth and innocence he was fred from what was stopping him and he ravaged the surface. Terra went to face him and, in their encounter, he opened a green gate which he called : Chrono Eraser while Shade casted a Dark Gate...
Both joined as one and absorbed both parties...