My Art!

Once in a while I shall put some drawings related to the Volet here. Well, at least the one I believe are good enough. Enjoy!

Me drawing the Volet
Terra striking a pose.
Gau & Katt Awww! Hug!
Summer camp!
Animated Pete says Hi (first animation in a long while)
Animated whistling Katt (second animation)
Animated Scorpion girl (New animation style)
An action pose of Terra (and Pete understand nothing as usual.
Scorpio sleeping
Mog as I painted him for an homework.
Character pose similar to the Lord of the Ring's poster. the poster
Schala in Lavos form
Another one of Schala in Lavos form.
Scorpio walking away from a buried Lavos
Schala for the Keencard
The horror...
Secret Assassin Webcomic Event entry.
Unseen vacation scene 1 2
Terra pondering in the water
Terra attacking in her Esper form.
Magitek Witch
Imperial Mummy
Headless Moogle
Scorpio as a cat girl Anyone else think this is wrong?

Fan art I made

Zeugme complaining from Treasure hunter
Domino from Treasure hunter
Smooth from Treasure hunter
Alissa from Awkward stage (Now terminated)
Italy from The Lounge
The destined one from Those destined

Wanderer of Webcomics

Wanderer of webcomics is a new side story about Terra and Kefka wandering throught various webcomics to see if living in them is better than in the Volet. Lousy ungrateful character....

Fortissima's treasure hunters 1 2 3 4
Because of math class 1
Beyond Reality 1

Other project

Castlevania Joliette page 1 (french)
Castlevania Joliette page 2 (french)